Former Artist in Residence

Artists in Residence 2019-2024

Venezia Contemporanea in cooperation with ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces in Venice Italy, offered a fully and partially covered artist’s residency program

Artists are offered housing in the form of a private livable studio and a unique exhibition space with a large show window to the street, professional curatorial support, logistic assistance, networking and publicity on our socials and website. 

Duration of residency

The partially sponsored Residency Program offers a minimum of two weeks and maximum of four weeks at La Storta Exhibition Space and livable studio, with fully equipped kitchenette, WC+ shower.

Location of the residency: La Storta Exhibition Space 

Ghetto Vecchio, Cannaregio – 30121 Venice Italy

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The 2024 partially covered art residency parallel to the 60’ Art Biennale were granted to the following artists                                                                       

Carina Figueras, Margaret Buckworth, Elisabeth Lana, Joey Clarkson & Peter Dixon, Susan Forrest, Adam Norton, Vivian Cooper Smith, Anique Weve, Daan den Houter, Sanne Bax, Samantha Ferris (curator), Kit Reuther, Birgit Ramsauer & Isabel Pauer, Heath Brown, Yuliya Lanina, Elke Reis, Jiyoung Bin, Vanesa Hardi, Nedco Bucev, Patricia Rain Gianneschi, Fan Tang, Melanie Siegel, Alexandra Meerdink, Cristine Balarin, Christopher Dulin      

 Artists list will be updated

Yuliya Lanina

Austin, Texas-USA


Medium: drawing, painting, animation, performance

Heath Brown

Cambridge, England


Medium: Photography photography, video and soundscapes

Before and Beyond

Isabel Pauer – Berlin, Germany

Birgit Ramsauer – New York, USA


The Garden of Time


Artisti: Sanne Bax (NL), Daan den Houter (Nl), Evelyn Malgil (AU), Adam Norton (AU), Vivian Cooper Smith (AU), Anique Weve (NL).

Curated by Samantha Ferris

Artists from the Netherlands and Australia culminating in the following exhibitions. Venues and date:
Artists from The Netherlands and Australia culminating in the following exhibitions. Venues and dates:
– Rotterdam. Late 2023
– Sydney. 2024/2025
– Venice (during the 60th Biennale) exhibition
Evelyn Malgil (AU)
Vivian Cooper Smith (AU)
Anique Weve (NL)
Daan den Houter (NL)

Susan Forrest Castle

Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Damian Castaldi

Currently based in Katoomb, Australia


Anja Studer

Switzerland, currently leaving in Winnipeg Canada
Instagram: @anjastudios

Michele Monseau

S.Antonio California USA
Link to fielddowndeep
Link to powerline (heave)
Link to chaosterrain


Hong Kong and Los Angeles

Janie Belive

Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

Peter Dixon and Joey Clarkson

Great Britain


28 Day Challenge

Peter Dixon www.PeterDixon.Art

Joey Clakson  Videoproduction

Reenie Charriere

Oakland, CA, USA


Jack O’Dea

Amira Zian

Yarka, Israel

Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger

Wien, Austria


Beili Liu

China/New York, USA


Article about Beili Liu art and her art created during the residency here

Hallie Sanclemente Morrison


Vancouver, Canada/Boston, USA

Laurine WAGNER Residency 22 to 28 June, 2021

Laurine WAGNER is a french artist and a researcher based in Paris & Strasbourg. She creates performances, video and sound installations that are both immersive and poetic. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student (Doctoral School 279: Plastic Arts, Aesthetics and Art Science (APESA)), attached to the research unit of the ACTE Institute (Arts – Creations – Theories – Aesthetics) at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her thesis is about « Filming the world: a relay art to accompany profound changes » like environmental, social, and mental issues to question the beliefs, feelings, and experiences of each person.



Instagram: laurine_wagner

LinkedIn: Laurine WAGNER

Alice ANDRIEUX is a french curator and critic. Email:

Instagram: alieandrieux

LinkedIn: Alice Andrieux

Simone DePetro Terracina


15-21 June 2021 T42dance / Misato Inoue, Felix Dumeril

Meta Drcar 1-7 June 2021

Slovenia/ Paris, France

Kevin Jon Benham 18-31 May 2021

Associazione Venezia Contemporanea Diane_Ward_coloredcocktail_site

Massimo Pulini

Cesena, Italy (2019)

Dante Maffei

Bologna, Italy (2019)

Associazione Venezia Contemporanea Dante Maffei_site
Associazione Venezia Contemporanea Masaru Kashiwagi_site
Associazione Venezia Contemporanea Nicola Aramu Qui sommes-nous et ou allons-nous_site

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