Venezia Contemporanea is a nonprofit cultural association based in Venice, Italy. It was founded in 2007 with the aim to promote and support emerging artists.

V.C organizes art and cultural events all year round and parallel to the Venice Art Biennale.
We cooperate with exhibition spaces and galleries in Venice, and utilize these spaces for international art and cultural events.

We offer fully and partially covered residency programs in cooperation with ScalaMata & La Storta exhibition spaces in the Old Ghetto of Venice.

V.C. cooperates amongst others, with Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Detournement – Collateral event of the Venice Biennale and the department for Youth and peace of the city of Venice.

Venezia Contemporanea in cooperation with ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces in Venice Italy, offer a fully and partially covered artist’s residency program.

Artists are offered a private livable studio and an unique exhibition space with a large show window to the street. We provide paid exhibition facilitation service and boat transport by demand and professional curatorial support, logistic assistance, networking and publicity on our social media channels and website.

Submission for partially covered residency is open all year round.

For the 2020 residency program we received 96 submissions from artists from 27 countries: Australia, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonian, Montenegro, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA.

Our committee gave out three fully covered residencies and open number of partially covered residencies. The selection criteria of the committee were based on the artists’ artistic merits, their artistic potential, and the stage of their artistic career.

The selected Artists: Krisztina Arláth & Akos Molnar and Meta Drcar, for the fully covered residency. Roisín McGuigan & Peter Hanan, Kevin Jon Benham, Federico Campanale, Fiona Crawford, Kristina – Marie Darling, Tammy Wofsey, Greta Magyar, Eirini Roumpi, David Reibman, Katy Huckson for the partially covered residency. The final list of the artists receiving the partially covered residency will be published in due time.