Residencies 2026

Flexi and partially sponsored Venice Art Residency
Parallel to the 61’ Art Biennale 2026

Application all year around with deadlines only for our special programs.

Venezia Contemporanea in collaboration with La Storta and ScalaMata publications offers a flexi and partially sponsored Venice Art Residencies. 

We welcome artists, duo artists and art collectives who wish to create and present their artwork in  a very inspiring setting in Venice, one of the most vivid art scenes in the world. 

The residency is at the La Storta exhibition space, a private liveable studio and exhibition space  in  a very inspiring setting in Venice. 

We welcome artists who address marginalization and discrimination in their work, engage their art for a better future and environmental issues. Since the Ghetto is still considered an explicitly Jewish area, preference will be given to artists without human, racial or religious prejudices.

Location of the residency: La Storta Exhibition Space

The exhibition space La Storta is located in the heart of Venice in the prestigious Old Jewish Ghetto. Situated in a 500 year old renaissance bottega La Storta is one of the most authentic exhibition spaces in Venice. A bakery, cafe and a restaurant is next door. A supermarket is 5 min. walking distance. The main bars and restaurants hub, Fondamenta Misericordia, is just across the bridge. Vaporetto/Water Bus Stations to all Venice Sestiere and the Islands is in the vicinity. 

Presentation of artists’ works arranged on a case-by-case basis. The works made during the residency will belong to the artist with no fee/commission to be paid to VenCon. We host other activities: Music concerts, book launching and public reading, workshops and seminars.

We encourage artists of marginal groups to apply to the inclusive programs

– Family friendly residency

– Art and disability

– Vulnerable Communities

– Artists at risk- artists who feel themselves threatened and discriminated against, in their country of origin or in asylum.

Beside the ongoing all year around residencies promoting individual artists and artist collective, we offer special programs

Residency program promoting critical projects 

  •  Artists who address in their artwork marginalization and discrimination.
  • Artists who are engaging in their creation with environmental issues and sustainability. 
  •  Artists who are interested in site specific residency. Explorative creation process in a place/space/ location in Venice.
  • Long term research based responsive projects, inspired by and created in Venice or the Laguna. Such as environmental research on the rising of the  sea level and the MOSE high tide barrier.
  • We welcome artists who wishes to attend a workshop, seminar or mentorship /Master class by one of the unique Venetian artisans practicing a Venetian art craft such as glass blowing, marbling, mask painting, Carnival costume design, Architecture, Textile design, among others
  •  We provide an invitation letter and make ourselves available for appointments with the grants giving art council/state art inst/ private funding body.

Duration of the residency: minimum stay of two weeks and maximum stay of four weeks. We make exceptions if the working process and setting justifies a longer stay, such as a process based work or engagement on a specific art craft or recurring shorter visits of one week or a longer stay for artistic development purposes.

Disciplines: we are open to a wide range of disciplines which fit the space and make sense in Venice’s unique setting. Visual Art, Sculpture, Installation, Video Art, Digital Art, Architecture, Photography. Animation, Printmaking, Ceramics, and Design. We welcome artists practicing Arts and crafts. We are not equipped to offer large scope projects and concerts for audiences. 

We offer a high availability for smooth correspondence previous the residency and individual care throughout the entire residency. Curatorial assistance and logistic consultancy.

Equipment – Wireless Internet, Video equipment: video projector and hanging system, Air-conditioning and heating system. Basic art Supply free of charge basic art supply (consult us before shipping your material)

Grants availability we are aware of the fact that artists might not be able to afford this expense and need to apply for public art funds. VenCon supports the invited residential fellows in their efforts to secure funding through external grants by providing an invitation letter and available for appointments with the grants giving art council/state art inst/ private funding body. 

In case that you plan to apply for funds we advise you to plan your residency 6 months in advance so the time that requires securing your funds.

Private housing at the La Storta studio and exhibition Space

Accessibility: wheelchair accessible studios and exhibition spaces

The space is divided into three parts. The main part is at the front with a very large window and a small courtyard. The wall exhibition space inside is approx. 42 sqm in the front. A 15 sqm living unit is offered at the back of the space. It includes a double bed, a tiny mansarde, a bathroom with shower + wc and a small kitchen corner with a mini fridge. The space is also the home of a red cat called Campari, with occasional visits of fluffy cats named Campari and Aphrodite, so if you are allergic to cats the residency is not for you. The space can host max. two adults and two children with a symbolic fee for any extra person.

Residency fee: 950 Euro for one week. This fee is already partly sponsored by the non profit organization Venezia Contemporanea.

This includes a private housing, studio and exhibition space with no percentage on sales.           It does not include: Travel fees, Material for creation and food.

Grants availability: we are aware of the fact that artists might need to apply for public art funds to cover the costs. Venezia Contemporanea supports the invited residential fellows in their efforts to secure funding through external grants by providing an invitation letter and available for appointments with the grants giving art council/state art inst/ private funding body.

In case that you plan to apply for funds we advise you to plan your residency 6 months in advance so the time that requires securing your funds. We also advise that you explore the funding opportunities which you are eligible to apply to and inquire for their application timeline and requirements.

Expectation toward the artists: We expect artists to leave the La Storta premises as clean and tidy as they found it. Work material should be disposed of. VenCon is a Non Profit Organization and can not process sales.Artists who plan to sell artwork are asked to bring their International Credit Card Machine.

Selection procedure: by committee

Contact person: Dovrat Meron 

Application by email:

Please include a link to your work online/socials and your preferable dates to attend the residency. If your application is accepted, we will invite you to a short introduction video call. 

Application process: No deadline ongoing submissions all year round. We view applications as they come in

Working languages: English/Italian/German

Application by email:

Contact person: Dovrat Meron

Selection procedure: by committee. Pre-selected candidates will be invited to a video chat.

Please provide us the following info

  1. A links to your work online or your Artistic Portfolio up to 3 MB
  2. The partially sponsored Flexi Residency Program offers an average of two weeks residency, with minimum of one week and maximum of one month. If you wish to stay longer, for research based residency or developing a body of art that justifies a longer stay for artistic development purposes, mention it in your application.
  3. A Brief text of intention max. half A4 about your plans for your time in Venice. If you do not have a concrete plan, what interests you the most in Venice and the lagoon?
  4. We made the experience that artists need between 6-9 Months to secure funds depending on their country of residence. Do you have a fund secure to enable you to cover the partial residency fee? nor need time to secure funds?

From the nearest Venice Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma  (ca. 20-30 min. ride)

From Treviso Airport  to Piazzale Roma – Ca.1 hour by bus.

By bus shuttles from Marco Polo Airport / Treviso: ATVO

Departure is in front of the airport main entrance and leaves every 30 min. You can buy the ticket directly at the bus station. One way costs12 €  – go off at the last station, Venice Piazzale Roma.

By foot from bus station Piazzale Roma (15 min walk): Cross the Calatrava bridge (Ponte  della Costituzione) which is in front of the ticket office and walk straight till you reach the  Ferrovia Santa Lucia train station and follow the instructions below.

By foot from train station Ferrovia Santa Lucia (10 min walk): go out to the main exit, turn  left and follow Lista di Spagna and continue straight at the Campo San Geremia. Right after  the Guglie bridge turn sharp left after 100 m. before Gam Gam restaurant enter the passage  on the right (Sottoportego Ghetto Vecchio) continues straight to the old ghetto. ScalaMata/La Storta are on the right hand side opposite the bakery Nr. 1236 – 1232

By boat: Vaporetto Nr. 51.1 from Piazzale Roma (10 min. ride) go off at the Guglie station.

Public transport – vaporetto water bus in Venice is costly! (9 euro for one ride)  We recommend purchasing a one week pass for 65 Euro. You can buy it online  or once you get to Venice at the newspaper stand just outside the ghetto.

During the Biennale there are combi tickets including an entry ticket to the  Venice Biennale main hub, both Giardini and Arsenale and water bus flat rate.