Artist In Residence Program in Venice Italy

Brief description of the organization: Venezia Contemporanea is a young association located in Venice Italy. We promote international artists by offering inspiring and supportive working environment.

Residency Address: ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces Ghetto Vecchio Cannaregio 1236/32 – 30121 Venice Italy

Location of the residency: The exhibition spaces ScalaMata and La Storta are located in the heart of Venice in the prestigious Old Jewish Ghetto. Situated in a 500 year old renaissance bottega La Storta is one of the most authentic exhibition spaces in Venice.   Link to Google Maps

Duration of the residency: We offer one or two weeks residencies. We tend to make exception for artists who wish to develop research based site-specific project and can benefit a longer stay.

Brief Description of Residency Program: We are accepting artists and artist collectives wishing to participate in the residence program and present their artwork at one of the most vivid art scenes in the world. Our residency program is very open. Artists are invited to be inspired by the unique atmosphere. We offer housing in the form of a private livable studio and exhibition space but if you are driven to work in Venice public spaces you are free to do so obtaining the proper permits from the municipality. We are there to support you but you are not expected to give or participate in any educational program. You can work in the studio with the door close, or open to welcome art lovers and potential customers. You are not expected to show your work but can present your work at the exhibition space from the first day or have a showing of work in progress on the last day of your residency.

We hope that you make this experience joyful, inspiring and valuable for your personal and artistic development and meaningful for your career.

Please keep in mind that Venezia Contemporanea is a nonprofit organization that offers residency program at the premises of La Storta exhibition space in Venice. We are not a gallery and do not represent artists. We offer living space, studio, exhibition space, therefore curatorial and logistic consultant and all exhibition facilitating and event management services will bare an additional cost. We do not benefit percentage on sales.

We offer two types of residency

Both residency types include housing (max. 4 people) in form of private livable studio, private kitchenette, private shower & WC, private exhibition space. Our support does not include travel fee, material for creation and food. Presentation of artists’ works arranged on a case-by-case basis. The works made during the residency will remain property of the artist.

 First residency type: two fully covered residencies for one week each. The application deadline for 2020 was 1 November 2019.

The application deadline for the fully covered residencies in 2021 will be announced.

Second residency type: partially funded residencies. We accept applications for partially funded residencies all year around. The residency price for the partially funded residencies ranges according to the period and of the residency. Venezia Contemporanea covers part-50% of the full residency price.

Selection process: by committee. Our selection criteria are based on the artistic quality and career status.

Invitation letter: We are aware of the fact that artists might not be able to afford this expense and need to apply for public art funds. We provide invitation letter to support the invited artists in their efforts to secure funding through external grants. If you plan to apply for funds we advise you to plan your residency 6 months in advance so you have the time that requires securing your funds.

Application guidelines for both residency types

Application: by email contact person: Dovrat Meron

Working languages: Our working language is English but one of our stuff can also support you with Italian/German/Hebrew/Russian/Turkish and Chinese

Application should include: 1 A4 letter of intention, artistic portfolio up to 3 MB or link to Website 1 max. A4 letter of intention should include the following information:

– Name, family name, country of origin, current country of residence.

– Your artistic discipline/s?

– Period of residency one or two weeks? If longer please add 1 A4 project description.

– What dates are convenient for you?

– Will you bring existing work to present at the La Storta if yes what medium/format/size.

– Do you wish to use any of our provided by demand services such as exhibition facilitating?

Residency conditions

NO SMOKING environment indoors

Accessibility: No wheelchair accessible studios and exhibition spaces

Disciplines and media: Visual Art, Video Art, Digital Art, Animation, Installations, Printmaking, Performance Art, Ceramics, land art.

Provided by ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces:

– Private accommodation up to 4 people with private shower & WC and a private small kitchen.

– Private studio

– Private exhibition space

– Basic insurance

Included equipment:

– Lighting – There are a range of different flood lights and spot lights

– Wireless Internet

– Air-condition and heating system

Included services:

– Curatorial consultant

– Logistic consultant

– Networking and publicity on our social media channels and website

We provide the following paid equipment and services by demand:

– Video equipment, projector and hanging system, digital sound system

– Facilitation of exhibition and event coordination

– Exhibition reception and refreshments

– Logistic support and handyman with experience for installation services

– Project accompaniment by dedicated local contact person with long standing experience in customs matters and contacts to local authorities.

– Boat transportation from mainland to Venice including crane service for heavy equipment can be arranged if necessary.

The “La Storta” Facility


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Visit the La Storta and Scalamata website for pictures and more info about the spaces